Kevin McCarthy - Owner & Barber

about_me I began giving my first haircuts to myself and skeptical but willing participants through out college at CSU some 18 years ago. In 2001, I decided to enroll in beauty college and become licensed to cut hair as a means to make a living. My first job after beauty school was an apprenticeship at a up- scale Cherry Creek salon. Using what I had learned as an apprentice and wanting to move forward with my own skills, I began working for Cost Cutters. As time passed, I rose in the ranks of corporate hair and found myself as manager of Great Clips in Aurora.
This paid the bills, but I was not entirely happy with life in the world of chain salons. Around 2006, I began to move in the direction of high end salons and higher maintenance customers. During this period I was sent to take workshops in Manhattan, NYC as a part of my continuing education. Although the pay was good and I had achieved what many would call success, I was not happy with the stress in the high-end environment. In may of '09, opting for happiness over security, I went solo and became the owner and operator of Quincy Barbers.